Just One More Page Summer Reading Program

The Allen County Public Library holds an annual summer reading program and in the past, the library has used the American Library Association’s graphics and theme. With the addition of a section for adults, the committee approached me to propose a theme and visual identity to be used annually.

Since the library allows kids, teens and adults to participate, it was important to come up with a theme that appealed to a large age range. The concept behind Just One More Page is the universal feeling of excitement when you find a book that you can’t put down. People of all ages can experience the feeling of being really invested in a book. You have to know what is going to happen next! The plot and writing resonate with you! The books we read may be different, but it is an experience we all share.

The logo was inspired by the pages and shape of the Allen County Public Library logo. The burgundy highlights one page, which can signify turning to the next page, that one book you couldn’t put down or finding your next favorite author, series or book. The color scheme is meant to express the excitement of summer and each color is used to represent a different age group throughout all printed materials. Yellow is used for kids, green for teens and purple for adults. The scribble type treatment is used in the logo and throughout the entire program for emphasis and variation.

Materials include a reading log, a system-wide event calendar, window decals, vinyl banners, posters, flyers, a drawstring backpack and a tote bag.


Just One More Page LogoJust One More Page Reading Log


Just One More Page Event Calendar

Just One More Page Event Calendar-Inside